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Plum Grove is the major shareholder of Agrigrain. Plum Grove is a privately owned, Western Australian based grain accumulation and export business. Under a unique service manager model Plum Grove Pty Ltd accumulates cargoes for major end users Salim Group, Mitsui and Seaboard who together represent a pool of significant consumptive demand for Australian wheat and other grains in Australia’s most important export markets.  

In August 2013, Plum Grove acquired a major stake in a New South Wales grain business. The agreement is a milestone for both Plum Grove and Agrigrain.

As a major grain accumulation, trading and container packing business Agrigrain provides Plum Grove entry into the New South Wales grain accumulation market via an established, diversified and highly regarded business. 


Listen Global Act Local

With deregulation of Australia's wheat industry Plum Grove sought to establish a unique partnership with some of Australia's largest existing and potential consumers of wheat. In 2010 the Salim Group and Seaboard Corporation became minority shareholders in Plum Grove. Both Seaboard Corporation and the Salim Group offer significant consumptive demand opportunities for Australian grain: Salim is arguably Australia's largest single wheat customer via its controlling ownership in Indonesia's Indofood, owners of Bogasari flour mills. Indofood produces a staggering 12 billion packs of 2 minute noodles per year and has an underlying wheat milling capacity of 15,000mt per day, a significant proportion of which comes from West Australian growers.

Amongst many food and logistics operations Seaboard Corporation has 14 flour mills based throughout the East Coast of Africa, South America and the Caribbean. Seaboard accumulates and trades some 6 million tonnes of grain each year to its flour mills and third parties.

In January 2013 Plum Grove also welcomed Mitsui & Co (Tokyo) as a 25% shareholder in the business. Mitsui is the largest importer of wheat and canola into the Japanese market – one of Western Australia's most consistent long term markets. Mitsui has global grain assets in North and South America, the Black Sea and trades more than 15 million tonnes of grain annually around the world. 


Mitsui & Co. (Tokyo)

Mitsui & Co. (“Mitsui”) is one of the most diversified and comprehensive trading, investment and service enterprises in the world, with 152 offices in 67 countries around the globe.

Mitsui has been an investor in Australia for more 100 years. In the past 10 years Mitsui has invested some $14 billion in Australia, almost 90 percent of which has been in WA. Amongst many other investors they hold minority investment positions in Robe River Iron Ore, North West Shelf LNG, Mount Goldsworthy Iron, Yandi, Mt Newman and Jimlebar Iron Ore.

Mitsui are the fourth largest exporter from Australia of natural resources and agricultural products.

Salim Group

Through its majority ownership of Indofood, the Salim Group is historically the largest buyer of Australian wheat taking an average of approximately 3 million tonnes per year, 70 per cent from Western Australia.

Indofoods is one of the world’s largest instant noodle manufacturers by volume, one of the largest palm plantation companies by area and the largest flour miller in Indonesia. Indofood’s flourmill in Jakarta (Bogasari) is the largest in the world in terms of production capacity in one location at 10,000mt per day. It also has an extensive distribution network in Indonesia

Seaboard Corporation

Seaboard Corporation a listed company traded on the NYSE Amex Equities under the symbol SEB. It has over 90 years of history and multiple business units spanning food, marine, commodity trading & milling divisions as well as other agri-business interests such as sugar production & processing.

Seaboard’s primary business is raising, processing and retailing some 4 million hogs each year in its home states of Kansas in the United States.

Seaboard has extensive flour milling and feed manufacturing facilities all over the world and sources, transports and markets over 6 million tonnes of grain annually. Seaboard operates flour mills on the East Coast of Africa, which have traditionally been undersupplied by Australian origin wheat


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