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Plum Grove 10 2016/17

Access to the best wheat markets for longer.


Our objective is to deliver a nett return that outperforms a cash average over the life of the pool. Cash sales, derivatives and options will be used to market your wheat from now to next harvest.

How does it work?

Deliver directly your wheat to an Agrigrain site or nominated Grain Corp and Grain Flow site between 1st November and 31st January.

Transfer your grain to Plum Grove 10.

A $5 per tonne management fee applies to Plum Grove 10.

So why do it?

  • To spread your risk over 10 months.
  • Transparent pooling option with live EPR's and regular updates.
  • Leverage off Agirgrain’s local knowledge combined with Plum Grove’s global experience and strong pool performances.
  • Clearly defined trading strategy.
  • Pool with a trusted, experienced provider that operates within the GTA code of conduct for pool providers. 

Payment Options

  1. 3 cash payments over 10 months.
  2. A cash advance payment of 70% (paid in five days from the end of week of delivery (Sunday)) and a 30% cash payment in October. Finance costs apply.
  3. Defer your entire cash payment until the next financial year, 80% of payment paid in July and 20% paid in October.
  4. Harvest/Flexi Loan: 80% of estimated payment (paid in five days from the end of week of delivery (Sunday)) and a 20% final payment in October. Finance costs apply.

What's the next step?

Contact Agrigrain for more information

Phone 02 6889 2200



Important Information & Features 


Manager Plum Grove Pty Ltd Ring-Fenced Yes, managed independent of all other trading activities.
Management Costs

$5.00/t management fee

Tonnes in Agrigrain receive a $5/t discount on freight to port component

Acceptable Sites

Agrigrain Narromine and Coonamble

Graincorp Narromine, Trangie, Nevertire, Nyngan, Tottenham, Coonamble, Gular, Armatree

GrainFlow Narromine, Nyngan

Transparent Returns

Returns will be displayed at a port level, with freight back to site

Returns shown nett of storage costs and management fees

Benchmarking Product to be benchmarked against the average of the best cash prices at relevant sites
Interest Rate 3.99% per annum variable Underwriting Not Applicable

Finance (for Advances and Loan options), Levies and End Point Royalties.

More Information

Download Fact Sheet



  5DEOWD April July Oct
Advance* 70%     30%
Harvest/Flexi Loan* 80%     20%
Distribution    40% 30% 30%
Deferred     70% 30%

* Subject to finance coast at 3.99% pa variable

PG10NSW returns

Updated - 19th October 2017

All EPRs are quoted $/mt GST exclusive at Port and net of management fees and storage charges.



Plum Grove 10 Mandate

The Plum Grove 10 mandate determines the upper and lower hedging limits at any given time.
The product can use physical sales and derivatives (wheat and FX futures and options) to manage hedging over the 10 months.


Contact Agrigrain for more information

Phone 02 6889 2200


Local. Versatile. Reliable.