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Agrigrain Logos, Colours, and Email Signature


Vector/Very Large Formats - for use in print brochures, signage, embroidery, etc.

EPS Format: Agrigrain Logo.eps

PSB Format: Agrigrain Logo.psb

TIF Format: Agrigrain Logo.tif


2400 pixels wide (As wide as a large computer screen)

Agrigrain Logo 2400.png (Transparent)

Agrigrain Logo 2400.jpg (White Background)


1200 pixels wide (Full width of a Landscape Word Document)

Agrigrain Logo 1200.png (Transparent)

Agrigrain Logo 1200.jpg (White Background)



600 pixels wide (Full width of a Portrait Word Document)

Agrigrain Logo 600.png (Transparent)

Agrigrain Logo 600.jpg (White Background)


300-420 Pixels Wide (For headers, etc.)

Agrigrain Logo 420.png (Transparent)

Agrigrain Logo 420.jpg (White Background)

Agrigrain Logo 300.png (Transparent)

Agrigrain Logo 300.jpg (White Background)


180-240 Pixels Wide (For footers, signatures, etc.)

Agrigrain Logo 240.png (Transparent)

Agrigrain Logo 240.jpg (White Background)

Agrigrain Logo 180.png (Transparent)

Agrigrain Logo 180.jpg (White Background)







Agrigrain Green 

RGB  0 / 112 / 36

HEX  #007024




Agrigrain Light Grey 

RGB  64 / 64 / 64

HEX  #404040




Agrigrain Dark Grey 

RGB  34 / 34 / 34

HEX  #202020


Agrigrain Logo: Helvetica Neue Pro Bold




Email Signature

Click just above the Agrigrain logo and drag down to below the disclaimer to select, then hit Ctrl-C to copy. Paste into Outlook's Signature area using Ctrl-V, and then update the details to your own.



Tracy Radburn
Office Manager


PO Box 211 Narromine NSW 2821
P: 02 6889 2200 M: 0412 123 456


The information and opinions within this email are of a general nature only and do not take into account the particular needs or individual circumstances of investors. The Material does not constitute any investment recommendation or advice nor does it constitute legal or taxation advice. Neither Agrigrain Pty Ltd ABN 43 156 337 254 or its agents, representatives, subsidiaries or related parties give any warranty, whether express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or otherwise of the information and opinions contained herein and to the maximum extent permissible by law, accepts no liability in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any loss or damages suffered as a result of reliance on such information or opinions. The Licensee does not endorse any third parties that may have provided information included in the Material.



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