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Agrigrain’s container packing facilities are reliable and efficient. Strategically and conveniently located in central west NSW (Narromine and Coonamble) with trading exposure to both domestic and international markets. Our Narromine facility has been operating for the past 15 years, the first train being loaded in 2000, and Coonamble has been operating since 2012. Agrigrain now facilitates 6 trains, on average, per week.

Agrigrain's AQIS approved packing facilities offer

  • Vertical inverters with drive-over receival facility for fast and efficient turn around
  • AQIS accredited inspectors
  • Fumigation (phosphine & methyl bromine)


The Narromine facility is located at Tullamore Rd, Narromine NSW 2821



The Coonamble facility is located at Gadsens Lane, Coonamble NSW 2829



Contact Greg Kerr for more information

Greg Kerr
Logistics Manager
Phone 02 6889 2200


Local. Versatile. Reliable.